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To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question.  Stretching prior to exercise was once common practice that has been under scrutiny for the last several years as experts look at what stretching really does to the muscles and whether the practice is helpful to certain types of exercise.

What do you think the answer is here?  Start off by watching this information filled video from SciShow on the topic.  Then pick an exercise you commonly participate in.  Talk about whether stretching prior to participating in your chosen exercise is beneficial or not and why.  Use topics we have discussed about bone and muscle tissue composition, connections, contractions, extensions, joints and the like to explain your choice. Your evidence should include at least one reputable source in addition to your textbook.


SciShow, 2018.  Does stretching before exercise actually help?



Minimum length of 500 words
Any quoted or paraphrased material must follow APA guidelines for inline citations and Works Cited. Refer to these OCC pages for tips: Student Services – Plagiarism  (Links to an external site.)or Student Services – APA (Links to an external site.).
Include a minimum of one outside reputable source in addition to your course text

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