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Composition II

Persuasive Literature Review

In the last unit you began to research scholarship in your field that addressed the research
question you seek to answer. For this assignment you will continue this research and begin to build an
overview of the ways in which your discipline addresses the issue or provides solutions to the problems
you wish to solve. In the next unit your group will synthesize this into a multi-disciplinary approach, but
for now you want to make sure that you are familiar with the important voices and viewpoints that
belong strictly to your discipline. In this unit you will explore the ways that scholars in your field
communicate, and why. As you your research you should also continuously be questioning the
assumptions you made as you initially posed your research questions.

As you draft this essay you should be collecting any more sources that are needed, keeping in mind how
you can begin to see the information might lend itself towards synthesis. In other words, how do you
see these pieces fitting together to form a coherent voice or stance on the issue you are tackling? You
should be able to pull directly from at least some of the writing you did for the prior assignment,
including the reflective essay.

The key to this assignment is how well you are able to synthesize the information you have collected. As
most of your readers will be from areas outside of your discipline, it will be important that early on in
the paper you succinctly define and explain the conventions and vocabularies used by the scholars in
your discipline. There are many ways to organize a literature review: you might choose to lay the
literature out in a chronological fashion that demonstrates to your group members how the discipline
has approached this over time, emphasizing the evolution, or you might find a thematic approach to be
more effective. No matter how you choose to organize your paper, you should end with a paragraph
that not only summarizes the information, but that points to your own view of the disciplinary approach
in a way that persuades other scholars that you have carefully studied the situation at hand and are
providing them with a full, well-considered complement to the ultimate collaborative work. You should
consider other scholar to be your audience.

Your polished draft should be a minimum of 1400 words and it should answer your research question. In
total, you should have at least five to seven sources, at least four of which should be scholarly The rest
should be from reliable sources. The essay should be well-organized and show a coherent argument that
has its basis in the synthesis of the literature.

This persuasive literature review will be written in MLA format. You must correctly use MLA in-text
citation, and MLA “works cited” citations.


• This is not a list of sources or a report. We spent time ensuring that your research question was
a question that you did not know the answer to, or couldn’t be found by a quick Google search.
In other words, the answer or answers you have found are complex—complex enough to
require discussion and explanation when presenting the answers from the research to the
audience.• Copying and pasting or using a web program to create your citations is fine, but it is your
responsibility to check them. That means you need to understand the basics of MLA. To be
successful in the class, and other classes, this is unavoidable. Luckily, it’s not hard like people
make it out to be—tedious and boring, yes, but not hard. So don’t make excuses. Do the work.
• When you are writing, make sure you have a point. The answer to your question.
• Grammar responsibility: You are responsible for your grammar. If you don’t know where the
comma goes, consult Purdue Owl. They have an answer for every grammar question.
Additionally, they are very user-friendly and easy to understand. If you are still confused, consult
me or the Writing Center.

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