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Orphan and orphanhood

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This essay should be  1500 to 2200 words in length.  That is about 4-6 pages using font size 12 Times New Roman and double spacing throughout.  Students may use research, but it is not required.  If you use research, then use MLA formatted in-text citations (signal phrases and page numbers in parenthetical citations) and an MLA formatted Works Cited section after the essay.  Be sure to cite both for paraphrasing and for quoting.  All sources must be peer-reviewed; for example, book reviews etc should be by scholars, librarians, professors, or journalists in peer-reviewed journals.  You may find my essays on quoting and MLA in-text citation in Blackboard helpful.

Use an introduction that concludes with your thesis.  Develop your thesis with focused paragraphs; use topic sentences.  Be sure to show your answers with specific examples from the text/s.

TOPIC: Compare or/ and contrast the orphan and orphanhood in The Birchbark House and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Compare and contrast the protagonists.  You might briefly also consider other orphans in children’s literature.



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