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Organizations or networks

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Proposal for campaign analysis  its You should focus on the topic(The 2022 World Cup in Qatar: human rights violations, workers exploitation and corruption}}}
1.    Which campaign will you focus on? When did it begin and is it still ongoing? Is there any evidence it has changed things? Which organisations or networks are involved? Please include any weblinks relating to the campaign.
2.    Are there existing studies of this campaign? If not which are the most similar campaigns that have been analysed by academics? What do they show and how will you use these to inform your analysis?

3.    Which existing academic sources discuss the issue that your campaign focuses on (or a closely related issue)? Do they present it as a ‘human rights issue’?

4.    How does the campaign relate to debates about human rights theories or institutions? What relevant literature can you identify either from the existing reading list or based on google scholar searches.

5.    What other relevant sources can you find that will help to understand the campaign. Here you could list for instance related campaign websites, events, publications produced by the campaigners, news or academic sources. Organizations or networks

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