Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – the average height

Question – A researcher wants to know the average height of trees in a plot of land. The researcher randomly
samples 18 trees, and finds that the average height is 4.7 meters with a standard deviation of 0.32
meters. Assume that the distribution of the heights of these trees are not strongly skewed and do not
have any outliers. The researcher finds a 99% confidence interval for this sample is (4.481, 4.919).
Select all that apply:: The margin of error is 0.217. The margin of error is 0.194. We are 99%
confident that the true average height of the trees is between 4.481 and 4.919 meters. If we take
many other samples from this population, 99% of them will have a sample mean that is between
4.481 and 4.919. The margin of error is 0.219. The margi …Read Moren of error is 0.192. There is a 99% chance
that the true mean is 4.7 meters. If we took another sample of 18 trees, the sample mean would
definitely be between 4.481 and 4.919 meters. …Read Less

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