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Question – TriCity Manufacturing (TCM) makes Styrofoam cups, plates, and sandwich and meal containers. Next
week’s schedule calls for the production of 80,000 small sandwich containers, 80,000 large sandwich
containers, and 65,000 meal containers. To make these containers, Styrofoam sheets are melted and
formed into final products using three machines: M1, M2, and M3. Machine M1 can process
Styrofoam sheets with a maximum width of 12 inches. The width capacity of machineM2is 16 inches,
and the width capacity of machineM3is 20 inches. The small sandwich containers require 10-inch-
wide Styrofoam sheets; thus, these containers can be produced on each of the three machines. The
large sandwich containers require 12-inch-wide sheets; thus, the …Read Morese containers can also be produced
on each of the three machines. However, the meal containers require 16-inch-wide Styrofoam sheets,
so the meal containers cannot be produced on machine M1.Waste is incurred in the production of all
three containers because Styrofoam is lost in the heating and forming process as well as in the final
trimming of the product. The amount of waste generated varies depending upon the container
produced and the machine used. The following table shows the waste in square inches for each
machine and product combination. The waste material is recycled for future use.

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Production rates also depend upon the container produced and the machine used. The following table
shows the production rates in units per minute for each machine and product combination. Machine
capacities are limited for the next week. Time available is 35 hours for machine M1, 35 hours for
machine M2, and 40 hours for machine M3.

a. Costs associated with reprocessing the waste material have been increasing. Thus,
TCM would like to minimize the amount of waste generated in meeting next week’s production
schedule. Formulate a linear programming model that can be used to determine the best production
b. Solve the linear program formulated in part (a) to determine the production schedule. How much
waste is generated? Which machines, if any, have idlecapacity? …Read Less

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