Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – A promising method

Question – A promising method of power generation involves collecting and storing solar energy in large artificial
lakes a few meters deep, called solar ponds. Solar energy is absorbed by all parts of the pond, and
the water temperature rises everywhere. The top part of the pond, however, loses to the atmosphere
much of the heat it absorbs, and as a result, its temperature drops. This cool water serves as
insulation for the bottom part of the pond and helps trap the energy there. Usually, salt is planted at
the bottom of the pond to prevent the rise of this hot water to the top. A power plant that uses an
organic fluid, such as alcohol, as the working fluid can be operated between the top and the bottom
portions of the pond. If the water temper …Read Moreature is 35°C near the surface and 80°C near the bottom of
the pond, determine the maximum thermal efficiency that this power plant can have. Is it realistic to
use 35 and 80°C for temperatures in the calculations? Explain. …Read Less

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