Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – A process tank

Question – A process tank has two input streams—Stream 1 at mass flow rate w1 and Stream 2 at mass flow
rate w2. The tank’s effluent stream, at flow rate w, discharges through a fixed valve to atmospheric
pressure. Pressure drop across the valve is proportional to the flow rate squared. The cross-sectional
area of the tank, A, is 5 m2, and the mass density of all streams is 940 kg/m3.
(a) Draw a schematic diagram of the process and write an appropriate dynamic model for the tank
level. W hat is the corresponding steady-state model?
(b) At initial steady-state conditions, with w1 = 2.0 kg/s and w2 = 1.2 kg/s, the tank level is 2.25 m.
What is the value of the valve constant (give units)?
(c) A process control engineer decides to u …Read Morese a feed- forward controller to hold the level
approximately constant at the set-point value (h = 2.25 m) by measuring w and manipulating w2.
What is the mathematical relation that will be used in the controller? If the w1 meseiremer1t is not
very accurate and always supplies a value that is 1.1 times the actual flow rate, what can you
conclude about the resulting level control? …Read Less

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