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Nature of the relationship

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Create a documentation the final finding of cps closed case note . And finding thes finds should be taking serious  make it look like a real document


!. Step one make it know that the child Abigail Hernandez was being monitor  for 4 years while in the car of the mother and father. Nature of the relationship


2. Explain that within those four-year time frame that all doctor visits for the child AND MOTHER WAS monitor


3. While during the investigation we found male grown hand prints on The child Adaline Anderson

4. We question Danzonete Tarphe , Victoria Tarphe , Princess Valquezes we question Lillie Shores and Julia Merkerson, Julie Goodbsy and Gwendelyn Hollis-shores and nieces and nephews


5. The family and friends all verified that Reynardlo hernandez was in her life the boyfriend – Now the husband

6. We Cps concluded that the hand prints on the child did belong to Reynaldo Hernandez , but could not file charges because of the nature of the relationship

7. So instead of taking parenting rights we decided to force her to give the children up to family members .

8. in according with the law we decide to do this justice for Natossia Hernandez so in the furture if she had kids we could not take them. (this was a second chance for Natossia )

9.  Our findings are as follows for Reynardo Hernandez

He is not to left along with children

If he is ever involded in another cps case he will go to jail

Reynardlo Hernandez is not to Be around Adaline or Angel Kraft at all unsupervised

As for the cps investgation He is gulity of child neglect and abuse in our finding in our records

In our records he is also gulity of domestic abuse and torment of Natossia

In the near furture all the Family memebers in cluding grandmother should be watch with the minor children

The case is open in the courts for Adaline and Angel kraft and can be modified at anytime

The mother in our records is inccent and the Husbnad of the mother is gulity of domestic volience and torment and child abuse (but because we wanted to give another chance for Natossia to be a mother we removed the children with out taking her rights .

Reynardo Hernandez is not to be left along with his own daughter unsupervised



Our finding are that Natossia the mother of Adaline and Angel was in a Domestic relationship and we at cps have closed the investigation as fare as her being a abuser . But we will always watch the Hernandez family children and the family as a whole for child abuse and spousal abuse to be reported . The hand prints on Adaline match that of Reynardo hernandez  we did not give the kids to anyone in texas in fear of abuse of Reynardlo there are 3 hospital domestic reports . We conclude abigail hernandez is safe with mother only and should be watched when not around mother for abuse .

state that in the event of a divorce it is recommended the child be with the mother not the father due to serve domestic abuse in the current marriage proof from hospital and doctors finding in hospital reports that are in our records

make it clear that mother incent step- father and father  abigail is gulity in abuse of cps case of Adaline anderson and angel Kraft THEREFORE SHOULD NOT BE LEFT ALONG WITH EITHE OF THESE CHILDREN


latashia mosely Anderson cps worker

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