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In this paper, think of any condition that laypersons call a “mental illness.”  Now, that you have learned about labeling and the distinctions among mental disease, disorder, and illness, how would you classify that condition?  Why would you classify the condition that way?  Provide examples or evidence for your decision.  What are some common misconceptions about this condition?

Please use the following when formatting your paper: Calibri 11 font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.  The paper should be approximately 1 page in length.

Listen  to:


2. Questions to consider:
About what type of relationship do you want to write?
What types of conflicts typically arise in this type of relationship?
What factors would you have to take into account in addressing this conflict?
What might make the conflict worse?
How can the conflict be resolved in a win-win way?


3. It is a reflective essay, This subject is called bilingual education. The plan lesion that came up to the materials is from the activities that I observed in class. I also have the opportunity to observe the teacher in the children’s math class explaining on the board how they can do subtraction in this way children could participate in this activity as a group.
Final essay (100 points): As you complete 30 hours of fieldwork you will be completing a final paper. The purpose of the paper is for you to report on the 30 hours of observations and its relationship to what you are learning in this course.
The paper should have the five criteria found in the rubric. You will be graded on the details of your narrative, your analysis, grammar, and punctuation

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