Media plays a vital role in keeping the people informed

Week5 Background:
The media plays a vital role in keeping the people informedas to what is going on in our democracy.Yet, at the same time, we know that the media is a business that seeks alarge viewership so the business can charge higher prices for advertisingslots. As a result, many media channelscan become echo chambers, which means that if their audience skews conservative,they will report news in a way that is pleasing to its viewers. The same holds true for the channels thatskew more liberally.
1.Pick a policy issue. It can be domestic or foreign policy.
2.Choose 2 American news sources. One must skew liberal, and the other mustskew conservative.
3.Find an article on the policy issue that youchose in part 1 in both news sources and compare the articles.
4.In your original post:
a.State the policy issue that you chose.
b.State the two news sources.
c.Give the URL for each story.
d.Write three observations that compare how theissue is covered differently or similarly by the two sources.
Policy Issue
Source 1 URL
Source 2 URL
Observation/Contrast 1
Observation/Contrast 2

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