M2A2: Applying the Principles of Classical Conditioning

M2A2: Applying the Principles of Classical Conditioning

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m2a2 applying the principles of classical conditioning (1)

Classical conditioning is a form of associative learning, learning produced by pairing of stimuli
and responses in time and place. It contributes to likes and dislikes, emotional reactions, and
reflex-like responses to things.
The major purpose of these final assignments in each module is to integrate the information you
have learned throughout the current module and the course thus far, and to practice effective
and professional communication of your ideas in various formats. This assignment requires you
to apply the principles of classical condi!oning and to video and write about the results.
Successful comple”on of this ac”vity meets Module Outcome 4.
This ac!vity aligns with the career competencies of oral communica!on and digital technology.
For this assignment, you will create an original demonstration of classical conditioning. Think
of an example in your life of how classical conditioning has produced a positive emotional
response, such as happiness or excitement. Now think of a negative emotional response,
such as fear, anxiety, or anger. Choose one of these examples to share with us, and using the
terms you’ve learned describe how classical conditioning produced this result.
You may choose to video a demonstra!on of your example and submit a brief descrip!on
explaining your applica!on. Alterna!vely, you may choose to create a voiceover mul!media
presenta!on to demonstrate your example. In either instance, you need to orally describe the
The situa!on you choose to demonstrate must be described in terms of classical condi!oning.
Within each descrip!on, iden!fy or suggest the US, UR, CS, CR, as well as the principles likely
to be at work.
It’s recommended that you briefly write out a script for yourself before you create the video or
presenta!on. Scripts help you sound more focused and polished while keeping the informa!on
clear and concise. Follow the !ps located at the beginning of our course to maximize the impact
of your script and video.
Canvas allows you to create video right within our LMS, or you can use your phone or other
video tool to create the video. If you need assistance, follow the direc!ons provided in
the “Technical Guidance” document, found at the beginning of our course.
If you choose to complete a mul!media presenta!on you should u!lize images, wri!ng, and
video and/or audio (your voiceover, which is required). Your presenta!on can be completed in
Powerpoint, Prezi, Powtoons, or another pla$orm approved by your instructor.
Your video or presenta!on should be a maximum of 2 minutes long.

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