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Find and review at least 4 scholarly articles using MDC LIBRARY related to your research issue. The review of each article must be thoughtfully organized. Your literature review must attempt to maintain objectivity and balance by presenting various perspectives, avoiding personal bias, and maintaining a third person voice. You must not insert your point of view but only present what experts say about your approved topic. DO NOT USE “I” WRITE IN THIRD PERSON.

When presenting the objective ideas of a given article you will need to:
·        Explain the study and who author it
·        explain the approach or methods of that study (i.e a scientific study of brain waves, a case study, a psycolological study, etc.)
·        provide a summary of the article’s findings that are relevant to your research question
·        include a short quote and explain the quotes importance

Conclusion paragraph: Once all four articles have been reviewed, you must conclude in the following way:
·      Synthesize all four articles by explaining what the overall findings suggests
·      Explain what further research is needed to explore the issue in more depth and transition to the next section of your research paper.

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