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Read the book Robyn Maynard: Policing Black Lives and follow the question below.

-Who is the author? Find an article, video or another source/s that shares details about the author’s life. How does the author’s life connect to the themes and events explored in the text?

-Describe your anticipated interest and possible
interpretation of events in this book and their alignment
with your current understanding of anti-Black racism.

-For each chapter, note 5-10 concepts that you find interesting and/ or unfamiliar. Explain the meaning as used in the text. Make connections to other contexts. What is the word’s root? Create a concept map or association. For the concept map or association, you can use images of your own artistic creaton or from the internet. Be sure to provide citation for internet sources.

-At the end of each chapter, write a 3 paragraph
reflection detailing your personal thoughts about the chapter. What did you dislike about the chapter? Why? What did you find interesting? Why? What did you learn? How do you know you have learned this? How are the events in this chapter similar or different from events in our world or your own life? Make connection to
the overarching themes that we have discussed in class.

-Final Presentation: You are now going to create a photo
essay illustrating two main themes from Maynard book.

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