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Lawrelates to morality

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You will write a two-page
essay that is supported by two sources. The title page and reference page do not count toward meeting the minimum page
requirement. Be sure to review the rubric before you begin writing. Please include the components listed below in your
Briefly discuss how lawrelates to morality.
Explain reasons for developing a greater awareness of ethical issues.
How does drug control policy relate to law and morality?
Looking at the deontological and teleological ethical systems discussed in the unit, how do they view drug use and
How is peacemaking tied into the moral development of drug policy?
Explain how exploring drug policy can relate to your own personal development of ethics, meeting the five goals for
exploring ethics.
Note: Do not just respond to each question individually; instead, write your responses in essay form, tying them together into
a single, flowing essay. Your essay must be formatted using APA style.

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