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LABSWE Disciplinary Case Reviews

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This exercise is designed to (1) increase your understanding of the LA Social Work Practice Act/Rules and Regulations. (2) become familiar with the regulatory process and (3) begin to develop proactive skills in avoiding any type of sanctions or disciplinary action.

You will review 4 LABSWE Disciplinary Cases that are posted on Moodle that represent a variety of ethical violations.  You will use the outline below to complete your review of these cases.

  • Each review will be 1-2 pages long.
  • Please ensure that all required components are included.
  • Responses should be in complete sentences.
  • Cite when appropriate and include a reference sheet.

Case Review Format

  1. Clearly identify the case being reviewed.
  2. Note if it is Consent Order Agreement or Hearing/Proceeding
  3. Briefly summarize the identified violation(s) which may include NASW ethical standards or practice act regulations.
  4. Briefly summarize the disciplinary action sanctioned by the Board.
  5. Reflect on your personal reaction to this case and if you agree with discipline action.
  6. Discuss warning signs and actions that could have been taken to avoid this situation.
  7. Discuss ways you will be pro-active to avoid this dilemma.

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