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Justice system

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  1. Death penalty/ Capital Punishment in the Justice system
    Students should submit their final research paper (error-free). Students should make sure that the entire paper is in APA 6th edition format. Should have, in applicable, surveys, etc. in the Appendices section that follows the References page. Students should make sure that their Abstract is on a separate page and it follows their Title page.

2. Select a company you are familiar with, such as your own employer or a public company that you know you can find customer service data on.
Identify the type(s) of service system used in the company or a certain part of the company.
*****Create an 4- to 6-slide PowerPoint presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that outlines and highlights the system strengths and weaknesses. Include an analysis of industry comparisons if available.
Choose a service system from this assignment that you will implement in the Supply Chain Template assignment in Week 6.
Cite references to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

3. Assume the character of EITHER Cassius OR Brutus. You have just finished your conversation while
the races were going on. Now you are on your way home to process what has just transpired
between you both (Brutus + Cassius). Write your thoughts…
Be sure to include:
– How you feel about the other person
– What you got from the conversation and how you feel about the situation
– What your plan of action will be
– Include at least 3 (THREE) quotations from the play which are integrated into your journal entry.
Highlight those sections

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