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Influenza pandemic

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The purpose of this assignment is to examine the local impact of the 1918-20 Influenza pandemic, specifically on the University of Guelph campus. Using a selection of digitized issues of The O.A.C. Review, a campus publication produced by the Ontario Agricultural College, you will construct a narrative that outlines how the pandemic unfolded on campus and the various responses to it. Then, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your own experiences as a student during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they compare to what students at the University of Guelph faced in 1918-20.
⦁ The only source you need to consult for this assignment is The O.A.C. Review, which is available in a digital format:
The O.A.C. Review
It is recommended that you restrict your searching to issues published between November 1918 and April 1920. When viewing each issue, to expedite the search process, on your keyboard use the ctrl+f search function (hold down the ctrl and f buttons at the same time and then you can search by keyword within the document). Consider trying appropriate keywords such as influenza, pandemic, flu, Spanish, etc.
⦁ Through your keyword searches, make note of any articles that pertain to the Influenza pandemic and the University of Guelph. You can save issues of The O.A.C. Review on your device, take screenshots of the articles, or transcribe them in a word processing document.
⦁ After you have thoroughly searched The O.A.C. Review, complete/answer the following:
⦁ Construct a timeline and briefly discuss key moments and events on campus concerning the 1918-20 Influenza pandemic.
⦁ How did university administrators respond to the pandemic?
⦁ How did the pandemic change life on campus for University of Guelph students?
⦁ How was the pandemic “framed” in The O.A.C. Review (ie. how did the magazine’s authors talk about and describe what was happening?) What did they consider worthy of coverage in the magazine?
⦁ Reflect on your own experiences as a student during the COVID-19 pandemic. In what ways are your experiences similar and different to those of students at the University of Guelph in 1918-20?
Structuring Your Assignment
⦁ Answer the questions in the order that they are provided. It is preferred that you structure your assignment in a question-and-answer style (state each question followed directly by the corresponding answer).
⦁ In your assignment, whenever you directly mention or reference information from The O.A.C. Review, you must provide a proper Chicago Manual of Style footnote or endnote. Assignments that do not contain footnotes or endnotes will automatically receive a grade of 0. A separate Bibliography page is not required.
Your assignment should follow these specifications:
⦁ Format: Use Chicago Manual of Style for both formatting and referencing. Visit ⦁ Cite Your Sources: Chicago Notes ⦁ &⦁ Bibliography from the University of Guelph Library’s Learning Commons to learn how to format your paper and reference your sources using the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.
⦁ Style and organization: This is an academic paper and should be written using academic language; first person may be used moderately, if necessary. Headings may be used to divide and organize the various sections of your paper.
⦁ Length: Aim for 6-8 pages of writing (or, 1500 to 2000 words).
⦁ Font: Choose any style that is easy to read, 12-point font and double line spacing.
⦁ Pagination: Remember to number your pages.
⦁ Margins: The left and right margins should be set to 1″.
⦁ References: Footnotes or endnotes should appear throughout your paper. A separate Bibliography page is not required. Ensure that you are not plagiarizing information. If submitted without footnotes or endnotes, your assignment will automatically receive a grade of 0.  If you have any questions or concerns about researching and writing this assignment, please post in the Ask Your Instructor forum in the Discussions tool or send an email to your Instructor or Teaching Assistants.
Use of Turnitin
Your instructor will be using Turnitin, integrated with the Dropbox tool, for this assessment. Your assignment will be compared to your classmates’ submissions as well as to outside resources. For more information on this tool, please refer to the Outline.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the final version of your assignment is submitted to the correct folder in the Dropbox tool. To locate the folders, select Dropbox from the Tools dropdown menu on the navbar.
If you have any questions or concerns about the two folders, please post in the Ask Your Instructor forum in the Discussions tool or email your Instructor or Teaching Assistants.
Your paper is due during Week 11, no later than Friday, November 26 by 11:59 p.m. ET. Please carefully proofread the final product before submitting for grading. Save your paper in Word format (.doc or .docx) or as a PDF. The Word format is used more commonly and seems to pose fewer problems when uploaded and downloaded. Once completed, submit your paper electronically via Dropbox. Be sure to submit it to the appropriate Dropbox folder.  To locate the folder, select Dropbox from the Tools dropdown menu on the navbar.
Please review the submission instructions provided in the Course Specific Standard Statements section of the Outline. It is your responsibility to verify if the submission was successful. Be sure to keep a backup copy of all of your assignments in the event that they are lost in transition.
Grading Expectations
This assessment is worth 20% of your final grade and will be derived from the following:
You will be evaluated based on the completion of all outlined tasks, the quality of your research, and if sources were cited properly.

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