Imagery, Deepfake and Steganography Worksheet

Imagery, Deepfake and Steganography Worksheet
STOP! You must view the imagery and deepfake/steganography tutorials before proceeding.
Below are 14 questions. Question 14 is worth 22 points; the others are worth 6 points each.
Section 1: Imagery (10 questions)
Link to access the pictures:
(Go to the upper right and download the entire file; do not attempt to process the pictures from the Dropbox preview.)
Pics 1-8 (Q 1-8). BE PRECISE AND FULSOME. You may need to do a bit more digging, even after you have identified the picture. Get in the habit of following up. What is the picture, but also, what does it mean? Where do you from here?
Pic 1: What is this? Where is it? If I visited and wanted a good pizza place soon afterward, where should I go? Is there anything else of note, historical or contemporary, in this town?
Pic 2: Who is she? Why might I want to meet her? Where would I have to go? Does she speak my language?
Pic 3: What is this? Where is it? Does it have any association with the New York Giants?
Pic 4: What is this? Where is it? Is there anything of note about it? If I wanted to visit, could I use public transportation? Be precise—I need directions.
Pic 5: What is this? Where is it? What is its significance in that place? Have you encountered anyone in your GW program so far who might be able to provide you more information about it?
Pic 6: Who is this woman? What does she do? Where does she work? If we wanted to visit her, how would we proceed from, say, Washington, DC?
Pic 7: What is this? Where is it? What is its association with New Jersey?
Pic 8: Who these people? What are they doing? Where? When? Why is this significant?
Pic 9: Find the metadata for this picture. As an investigator what does it tell you? Don’t just list the data; interpret it. Where is it—what is the address? Has it always been there? Pay attention to the camera direction. Follow up, take care and be precise. Is this a business? If yes, what does it do?
Pic 10: Find the metadata for this picture and show a screenshot. Now, remove the metadata from this picture. Check you work in Microsoft and Jeffrey’s. Show a screenshot with the metadata gone.

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Section 2: Steganography (4 questions)
Exercise #1 (Q 11)
Download the Silent Eye steganography tool from Source Forge:
Download the encrypted WAV MEDIA 1file from
Open the software, load the MEDIA 1 file and find the secret message embedded into the file
Once you open the tool, click FILE—Open—Load the MEDIA 1 file and click Decode.
Q 11: What is the secret message inside the MEDIA 1 file?

Exercise #2 (Q 12)
Download OpenStego tool from Source Forge:
Download IMAGE 1 file from
Click extract data, load Stego file, put output hidden message file into preferred directory
Password: 123456
Q 12: What is the secret message inside the IMAGE 1 file?

Exercise #3 (Q 13)
I simplified this exercise even further. You have to match the key to the following
Sometimes he catches the ball with his hurt hand, and winces after he catches it.
KEY: 1, 11, 12, 15, 16, 35, 48, 59
Clue: The first letter is S
Omit extra two letters in the embedded secret word if they would form a word that does not exist.
Q 13: Reveal embedded message word.

Assignment #4 (Q 14)
Imagine you work in a multibillion-dollar company as a threat analyst. Your boss came to you and asked you to write a maximum 800-word (strictly, +/- 10%) report on the following:
What is Deepfake?
How do malicious actors use this technology?
How companies’ reputations could be affected by this technology?
What are the risks?
What are the defensive mechanisms that can be used to deter such risks?
What are the latest tools and technology out there to fight Deepfake?
What should be our strategy?
References and APA style are not required. Professional formatting and proper English grammar are required.

Useful articles:
Lomas, N. (2020, September 02). Microsoft launches a Deepfake detector tool ahead of US election. Retrieved from
Lomas, N. (2020, September 14). Sentinel loads up with $1.35M in the deepfake detection arms race. Retrieved from
Mshvidobadze, K. (2020, February 11). The Altered Reality of Deepfake. Retrieved from
Creating a data set and a challenge for Deepfakes. (2019, September 5). Retrieved from
Inside the Pentagon’s race against Deepfake videos. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Deepfake and Steganography

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