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Human development and outcomes

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The purpose of this Final Project Assignment is for you to recognize human development and outcomes (e.g., developmental constructs, processes, milestones, and stages) through the lifespan of an influential person. You will describe this person’s development through cognitive, physical, and social-emotional processes at various key periods, and how his or her development is influenced by nature (genetics), nurture (environment), or both.
For this Final Project Assignment, you will read a biography about an individual of your choosing.
Select a biography, not an autobiography, of an influential person. Your selection must be one person and not a group of individuals. Human development and outcomes
The biography should be written for adults and not children and cover the entire life of the individual.
You must use an actual hardcover/paperback book or ebook (Note: Using or other websites as primary sources of information is not acceptable).
You must include at least two (2)  theories from this course in your Final Project Assignment and discuss at least two of the three (3) developmental processes (cognitive, physical, and social-emotional).
Biography Maya Angelou
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