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Historical themes

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Movie Review!

Your job is to view and analyze a movie that is based on historical events or has historical themes. Your analysis will be in the form of a two-page (minimum) paper that follows the format below:

Summary (5 points)
Describe the movie itself:
The title, actors/director, other relevant info
Setting (Time and place)
Plot (5-8 sentences but not the ending!)

Relationship to History (20 points)
Characters based on real people? (Describe)
Were they treated with historical accuracy?
Were there any real events? (Describe)
Was the event treated with historical accuracy?
How does this story relate to the bigger picture of US or World History?

Evaluation (20 points)
Strengths and weaknesses of the movie itself
What would have made the movie better? (Both historically and as a movie)
Would you recommend this movie to another history student? Why or why not?
Would you recommend this movie to a history teacher to use in a history class? Why or why not?

(5 points)
Double spaced
At least 2 pages
Grammar and spelling mistakes minimum
On time!
TOTAL: /50 (20% of your overall grade)
Before I grade it, your paper will be graded for plagiarism. DO YOUR OWN WORK!

100 Greatest History Movies can be found here: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls009668055/

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