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Health Disparity Review

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PH 44000 – Health Disparity Review (HDR)
Part 5: Analysis & Recommendations Assignment Guide
HDR Part 5 Overview
For your final HDR assignment, you will use the social justice perspective as the basis of an analysis of and
recommendations for your selected health disparity.
Final Health Disparity Analysis & Recommendations
Your final assignment should include the following components, drawn from your previously submitted assignments.
The number of pages is provided as guidance (not a requirement), and are based on pages that are APA-formatted.
A. Introduction (~1-2 pages, from HDR Part 1)
 Briefly describe and provide evidence for the health disparity and its public health significance
B. Social Inequities (~3-4 pages, based on HDR Part 3)
 Describe some of the key social inequities that create or maintain your selected disparity
 Briefly explain how these social inequities perpetuate the disparity
C. What Has Been Done (~2-3 pages, from HDR Part 4)
 Intervention
i. Describe one culturally-tailored intervention for your selected disparity that has been
implemented, evaluated, and published in the scientific literature
ii. Describe the results of the intervention, as well as its strengths and limitations
 Policy
i. Describe one federal- or state-level policy that has been implemented that should have
helped reduce your health disparity
ii. Discuss how you feel this policy action has or hasn’t actually affected your health disparity,
and the strengths and limitations of the policy
D. Recommendations & Conclusion (~2-3 pages)
 Summary of recommendations (given what has been done, what needs to be done now?)
 The “take-home message”
i. The most important thing you’ve said that you want your reader to understand and agree
with (NOTE: If the reader doesn’t understand the importance of your overall paper better
after reading your conclusion, then the conclusion didn’t serve its purpose)
E. References (~1-2 pages)
Final Assignment Expectations
 There is no mandatory page minimum or maximum for this assignment. If you address the questions
above completely, it is likely that your assignment (including reference list) will be about 12 pages (in
APA format)
 All writing should consist of proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, etc.
 Your assignment should be formatted using APA guidelines (margins, font, running head, cover page, etc)
 APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference list should be used for all sources used
HDR Final Paper Grading
 Grades will be based on multiple aspects, such as:
o Completeness (all components have been sufficiently and accurately addressed)
o Professional quality (tone, APA format, length, and other strategies reviewed in the course)
o References (appropriateness of references, correctly formatted citations and reference list, etc)
o Writing quality (grammar, spelling, mechanics, sentence structure, etc)
o Cohesiveness (organizations, transitions, similarity of style, etc)
o Revisions (instructor feedback on previous assignments has been addressed)PH 44000 – Health Disparity Review (HDR)
Part 5: Analysis & Recommendations Assignment Guide

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