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The order of play tends to matter in sequential games where rivals must predict best reply-responses and counter-responses in order to achieve a desired payoff. Discuss an instance in which you or your firm used game theory and explain why the relationship between the players was a strategic one. Did the use of a credible threat or commitment affect the outcome? Were there any first-mover of fast-second strategies used?

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2. In business, sports, politics, and many other fields there are probably countless situations akin to the prisoner’s dilemma where players acting in their own self-interest do not produce an ideal outcome. Likewise, some player dynamics also illustrate other game theory concepts like a game of chicken, credible threats/commitments, and other similar concepts. Use at least one article from The Wall Street Journal to discuss a strategic situation between players that resembled or used any of the concepts above. What could have any of the players done differently to achieve a better outcome?

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