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Gaining wisdom and authenticity

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Like Borysenko, Pinkola Estes has her own set of 7 year stages and tasks for women’s development (pg. 484).  I enjoyed how she weaves the story across a single psyche, with all of the characters representing parts of one woman, while at the same time reflecting the stages of life and the tasks necessary for gaining wisdom and authenticity.

On pages 491 and 492, Pinkola Estes reviews the life tasks and reminds us that we can choose at any time to renew our lives.  Review the list of tasks below and choose one or two to comment on in this week’s discussion board entitled, ‘The Handless Maiden’.  Do this now.

~to leave the old parents of the psyche, descend to the psychic land uknown, while depending on the goodwill of whomever we meet along the way
~to bind the wounds inflicted by the poor bargain we made somewhere in our lives
~to wander psychically hungry and trust nature to feed us
~to find the Wild Mother and her succor
~to make contact with the sheltering animus of the underworld
~to converse with the psychopomp (the magician
~to behold the ancient orchards (energic forms) of the feminine
~to incubate and give birth to the spiritual childSelf
~to bear being misunderstood, to be severed again and again from love
~to be made sooty, muddy, dirty
~to stay in the realm of the woodspeople for seven years till the child is the age of reason
~to wait
~to regenerate the inner sight, inner knowing, inner healing of the hands
~to continue onward even though one has lost all, save the spiritual child
~to re-trace and grasp her childhood, girlhood, and womanhood
~to re-form her animus as a wild and native force; to love him; and he, her
~to consummate the wild marriage in the presences of the old Wild Mother and the new childSelf

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