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write two, 2- to 3-page, single-spaced “critical summary” reading reports on at least two readings or chapters from each part of the course (III & IV). have some choice to decide which two (or more) readings from those parts of the course to focus on but these reports should cover only the assigned readings for each part (Part III focuses on Latin America and Part IV focuses on the United States).

In terms of structure, the reports should be critical and comparative.

That is, they should include:

a) a clear introduction that identifies the title and author the readings being reviewed along with an indication of your focus or argument;

b) a short summary of the two (or more) readings being covered, highlighting the main arguments and evidence presented by the author(s) under review;

c) a critical, comparative assessment of the readings’ contribution to the topic under discussion that week; and

d)  three to four stimulating questions for class discussion related to the readings with answer
For Part III, each student should choose and compare two chapters from the Afro-Latin American
hat is, you can also write about the Clara Rodríguez reading, “Race in the Americas” and/or the Ronald Kephart reading, “Latin America and the Caribbean.” Use citation

I choose the book on attachment compare these two please

Attached you find samples from previous year


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