Financial decision making and their Outcomes

Annotated bibliography based on ‘Financial decision making and their Outcomes’.

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An annotated bibliography is a great way to being summarizing and processing the information presented in your research. Writing an annotation is fairly simple: briefly explain the author’s thesis, the support offered, and a personal statement about whether or not the source is credible and if it will be used in your final project. Essentially, this is an exercise in summarizing. Keep in mind, a strong annotation can be moved almost directly from the annotated bib to the literature review section of your final paper. A little work now will save you time later.
•    Write annotations for FIVE of the sources you will use for your final research paper
•    12 pt, Time New Roman Font
•    Formatted to the requirements of your discipline

Each annotation should include the following information:
•    Works cited/Reference page entry.
•    Source introduction—author and title
•    Claim/Thesis
•    How did they get there? What evidence is presented?
•    Points of interest—What are the most interesting or compelling arguments or claims?
•    Personal statement—Is this source credible and will and how will you use it in your final project?

Case Studies
•    Citation
•    Source introduction
•    Claim/thesis
•    How did they get there?  5Ws H

o    Aim
o    Participants (sample, n=)
    Control and Experimental
o    Instruments
    Surveys, questionnaires, self-reporting, measured outcome
•    Points of Interest (break-down data)
•    Conclusions drawn from data
•    Personal Statemment

Literature analysis (Articles, books, chapters that are NOT experiments and case studies)
    Citation
    Source introduction
    Claim/thesis
    How did they get there? 5Ws
o    What theories were used to back argument
o    Whose ideas are they basing their point on?
    Points of interest
o    Where did they get it?
o    Do the author’s opinions differ greatly from the original theory?
o    Is the connection/logic clear?

In-text citations (Parenthetical citation).
Direct quote: Word-for-word rewrite.
Paraphrase:  Restating smaller parts of the material in your own words
Summary of ideas:  Restating main point or ideas of the entire piece in your own words

Every citation must include
Signal phrase: Tells reader that you are moving to someone else’s ideas.
Parenthetical citation
Works/reference entry

APA parenthetical citation
(Author’s last year, p#). (Jones 2014, p.35) Direct
(Jones 2014) Paraphrase
(page Number) Annotated bib ONLY

Financial decision making and their Outcomes

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