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Project Overview

In this project, you will be evaluating a Facebook ad campaign. We will provide you with the marketing objective, ad campaign, ad set, and ad performance data for the campaign. You will be able to analyze this data set to evaluate KPIs and make recommendations for how a future iteration of the campaign could be improved.

Marketing Objective

Get 50 email addresses from new online customers as leads in a month.

Getting Started

Make a copy of the project template slide deck (attached separately) with the ad set. You can also access an alternate PowerPoint version at the bottom of the page. This is where you can find the provided data and where you will be recording your findings and recommendations. Later, you will need to convert your slide deck into a PDF for submission.

Ad Performance Data

Here is a link to the file with the Ad performance data (attached separately). You can also access a CSV version of the file at the bottom of this page. We have also provided below a screenshot of the Ad
Performance Data Evaluating Campaign Performance

After reviewing the campaign data, provide your analysis of how the campaign performed relative to
the marketing objective, and make recommendations for how a future iteration of the campaign could
be improved. You can use as many slides as you want for your evaluation, and if there are insights that
you feel would be helpful but that are not specifically mentioned in the project instructions, feel free to
add them. In your project slide deck, fill out the following information:
Briefly describe the targeting of the ad set (demographics, location, interest, behavior etc.)
Provide the correct formulas for the following KPIs:
CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions)
Link Click-Through Rate
CPLC (cost per link click)
Click To Lead Rate
Cost per Results
Based on the “Key Results” table, identify which ad performed best, and explain why you think this was
the case

How would you optimize the campaign, and explain your reasoning?
Write up a high-level overview of how well or not well the campaign performed, based on the marketing objective

Making Campaign Recommendations

After evaluating the campaign’s performance, provide some recommendations for how to improve a future iteration of the campaign, based on the marketing objective. Some questions to think about include:

  1. Would you focus on certain ad groups or ads? If so, which ones
    and why?
  2. Would you change any of your existing ad copy or add any new
  3. What iteration would you make to the A/B test?
  4. Would you make changes to the landing page, and if so, what kind of changes and why?

All supporting documents are attached!

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