Evolution of Health Care Marketing

Health care marketing requires a different approach than other industries. In this assignment you will review current health care marketing and how it has evolved in the past 50 years, as well as how health care marketing compares to other industries. This will give you the necessary background knowledge to understand what impact competitive, regulatory, technological, and environmental changes have on health care marketing. Evolution of Health Care Marketing

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Research the following:

  • Identify different events or shifts in our health care system within the past 50 years that have led to a change in health care marketing.
  • Identify marketing ads for one health care-based company and one non-health care-based company, such as from the automotive or cellular phone industries, from the past 50 years.


Select 1 marketing ad for a health care-based company and 1 marketing ad for a non-health care-based company from the past 50 years.

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection that details the changes in health care marketing that have occurred in the past 50 years and why these changes occurred. Your reflection will include a discussion around the similarities and differences of health care and non-health care marketing based on the ads you selected. Your reflection should:

  1. Explain the evolution of health care marketing from the 1970s to the present.
  2. Identify the barriers that had an impact on the acceptance of health care marketing.
  3. Explain why the marketing approach in the health care industry differs from other industries, using advertising examples.
  • Review the ads you selected (health care and non-health care ad) and identify 2 similarities and 2 differences between the marketing in a health care company versus a non-health care company.
  • Consider readings related to the 4Ps of marketing.

Use the above numbered questions as your headings for each section. Do not group the questions together. 

Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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