Evidence based practice Case study

1.Place name on paper
2.APA Format with References
3.No single word responses
4.At least 100 words for each response
5.Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely
6.Make sure you follow these directions
Your patient C.S is 78 years old. Admitted to the nursing home you work at, with a diagnosis of dehydration. C.S., has been ordered to increase her oral fluid intake to 2500cc per day. When offering her a glass of water, she pushes away your hand and says I hate water and I dont drink it much. You note that after one and a half days she has dry mucous membranes and poor skin tugor.
1.What should your assessment be on this patient? Explain in detail.
2.After completing your assessment, what should your next step be? Be specific.
3.Write 3 complete nursing diagnosis from above information. Include all 3 sections (NANDA, Related to (R/T)

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