Ethical Aspects of Project Management 

Topic 4: Ethical Aspects of Project Management 

Ethical Aspects of Project Management

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The IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology), like most engineering institutions has a strong focus on engineers behaving in a professional and ethical manner.

Discuss how you would become ethically aware as a project so that you could discuss such concepts at a public enquiry.

You should consider where you are now.

What the engineering council says about ethical conduct

How you will aim to bridge the gap in your knowledge to be able to contribute as an ethical engineer on graduation?

Suggest 500 words.

Topic 5: Group Project Presentation and Viva


You have been approached to provide a consultancy project for Derby City Council which is looking to provide storage facilities for electricity generated by low carbon facilities in the area.

They want you to research the technology, its cost, a plan for its implementation time, its return on investment and its ethical/sustainability aspects. The presentation should include:

  • What are energy storage systems?
  • Low carbon renewable energy – Sustainable energy?
  • What benefits for Derby City Council on its adoption?
  • Discussion of areas where it could help the Council benefit,
  • Development of a project plan for its introduction
  • Costings
  • Recommendations


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