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Part One: Summary of Ethical Dilemma (about 1 page)


Through dialogue with your colleagues and/or supervisors, identify a current or prior ethical dilemma you encountered in your social work practice.  In about 1 page, provide a summary of the ethical dilemma.





Part Two: ETHIC Model Table (about 5-7 pages)


Apply the Congress (2000) model of ethical decision making (the ETHIC model) to the current or prior ethical dilemma by completing the table below.  By the time the table is complete, it is usually 5-7 pages.



Do not complete this section:


Congress (2000)



Complete this section:


Use this section to make notes related to your ethical dilemma.

Complete this section:


Provide detailed answers as it relates to your ethical dilemma.

E Examine relevant personal, societal, agency, client, and professional values List all relevant values that apply to this dilemma for each party involved (e.g., Agency Director, student, client, society, etc.).






T Think about (Identify) what ethical standards of the NASW Code of Ethics applies to the situation, as well as relevant laws and case decisions. Identify all relevant standards from the NASW Code of Ethics that apply to your ethical dilemma. Be sure to identify each ethical standard that applies as well as laws that may be applicable (duty to warn, Tarasoff, for example).







H Hypothesis about possible consequences of different decisions. Identify all possible consequences for each decision you could make. Identify all possible consequences for each decision. List them clearly.







I Identify who will benefit and who will be harmed in view of social worker’s commitment to the most vulnerable. Identify all who could benefit and all who could be harmed with each possible decision. Be sure to be mindful of your commitment to the most vulnerable.







C Consult with supervisor and colleagues about the most ethical choice Consult and identify what you learned from each consultation about the most ethical choice. If hypothetical, who would you consult with and why?













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