Establish A Reimbursement System

Pros and Cons of Reimbursement Systems (***** 3 pages APA Format References *****)
In health care, services are most likely to be provided before a payment has been received, so it is imperative for health care providers to establish a reimbursement system that fits their individualized operational needs.
In a 34-page paper, identify the pros and cons of the following reimbursement methods:
Prospective-payment systems
Cost-reimbursement systems
Discounted-charge systems
Flat-rate reimbursement system
You should consider the following questions in your comparison analysis:
When is each reimbursement system considered the preferred method? What types of providers use each system?
When would be a time or situation when each would be used?
How does each reimbursement system affect the various departments of health care companies and providers?
Will choosing one system over another affect available funding sources?
What other areas/people may be affected by the decision?

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