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Writing Project Two: Discourse and Literacy
Introduction: The readings from this unit collectively explore the intersections between literacy and discourse. All individuals adapt and expand their literacy as they mature and enter new spaces of communication. However, our society values some literacies over others and encourages a standardized form of discourse. Public schools educate students to adopt the standard of academic discourse, while colleges teach students to adopt the discourse of their discipline. Failure to conform to these standardized forms can have dire consequences for students.
Assignment: For this writing assignment, you will examine your process of adapting to academic discourse. Your examination should identify how your personal background has influenced your adapting process and address the extent to which you feel prepared to use the academic discourse of your major in your future profession.
Questions for Getting Started:
What role(s) did your friends, family, and culture play in shaping your literacy?
How would you describe your literacy before entering school?
How would you describe your experiences learning academic discourse in public school?
How would you describe using your learning of academic discourse in college?
How prepared do you feel to use the academic discourse of your major in a profession?
Purpose: This assignment will develop your understanding of academic discourse and the conventions used within your discipline. It will also allow you to engage in the writing process as you plan, draft, revise, and edit your writing assignment.
Audience: The primary audience for this assignment will be your instructor. You should provide context for the examples you include, but your writing should focus on analyzing your personal experiences with adapting to academic discourse.
Genre: This assignment must be written in the form of a personal reflection. This genre emphasizes the use of first-person (“I,” “me,” and “my”). You may use sources from class to give context to your experiences, but you should prioritize personal examples for evidence.

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