Developing your awareness and skills as a reflective practitioner is essential preparation for teaching.

EDB 202
Fall 2021
Guidelines for essay

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Developing your awareness and skills as a reflective practitioner is essential preparation for teaching. Reflection means thinking about teaching practices and activities during the classroom observations (teacher and student actions), how they compare to the teaching objectives, how they relate to theory and your knowledge (in this case to our course content), and how you might change something in the future.

The objective of this essay is to reflect on the teaching practices you observed and connect them to the concepts, terms, videos and ideas we have covered in class. The essay should be about 1,000 words long and must connect at least 10 key terms.

Connecting using key terms:
Which terms?
those appearing on quizzes
beginnings of chapters
in language objectives in class
very general terms do not count (e.g., ELL, bilingual education)—instead, speak more specifically about a kind within that category)
Use the key terms in ways that SHOW me and TELL me that you know what they mean. Be specific!
Each key term must be in BOLD PRINT and UNDERLINED to receive credit

What is reflection?
Metacognition—thinking about your thinking and what you did and what happened
Articulation—describing your thinking and actions and what happened in words
Making connections—connecting what happened here to topics and experiences in class and connecting that to what will happen in the future
Higher order thinking involving remembering, understanding, applying analyzing, evaluating, and creating (Bloom’s taxonomy).
Reflection can be done by asking yourself questions
Questions direct your attention BACK to your tutoring experiences; INWARD to your thoughts and feelings, your goals, your learning; OUTWARD to the practices of your student/s, and yourself; and FORWARD to what you will do in the future as a teacher, given what you have learned through this tutoring project and the content of this course.





Your essay should be in ESSAY format. The guidelines below are to help you structure your essay. Your essay should not be in outline form.

What? (this is an introduction and brief description of the following)
Generally describe the observations you made.
What was your overall impression of the experience?

So what? (here you identify 3-5 themes of importance and make connections to class. This is the largest section and where most of your key term connections will happen: for example, _____ was significant because _______ OR ______ is connected to our discussion of ______ in this way _________.)
Theme #1: _________________ (title of theme)
Theme #2: _________________ (title of theme)
Theme #3: _________________ (title of theme), etc.

Now what? (In this section you will describe next steps, goals, etc., for example:

Given what I observed and described above, I would like to ingrate _____ into my own teaching. Because I saw that _____, I will try to learn more about _____ by _____. Because of what I have learned, I am making ___ a goal for myself during the rest of my degree. Because this happened in the classroom ______ I would recommend to next year’s students that they _______ or that the professor do _______ next year in order to ________.)
Next step #1: ______________ (title of the next step or goal, etc.)
Next step #2: ______________ (title of the next step or goal, etc.)
Next step #3: ______________ (title of the next step or goal, etc.)

reflective practitioner

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