Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
Assignment 1
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science

1 Description
The University  uses a Students Record Management System (SRMS) to assist with student administration. Your task for this assignment is to implement a simple command line interface which allows the user to enter, search and delete students. Each student will have an accompanying list of courses which must also be entered. Each student must have the following attributes:
1. First name
2. Last name
3. Age
4. Address
5. Programme (Computer Science, Mathematics, etc)
6. List of courses
To search for students for the purposes of viewing and/or deleting, simply
searching by first name only will be sufficient. Note that your implementation should be able to handle an arbitrary number of students where each student can be registered arbitrary number of courses. Also, the user should not be prompted beforehand to provide the number of students and/or the number of courses per student. Your implementation should continue to prompt for information until the user decides to quit. You
must use a list data structure to store students and their corresponding courses.

2 Deliverables
The source code for your implementation, which should be a multi-file solution. Marks will be awarded for source code organisation and comments.
[35 marks]
A short report (5 pages maximum) detailing the implementation process and any particular troubles encountered. In particular, be descriptive of your approach and explain the reasoning behind your design and any of its shortcomings and advantages. [10 marks]
[45 marks in total]
3 Final Deadline
A soft-copy of your work should be submitted via the course page on Moodle by Thursday January 06, 2022. Please zip your source files along with your report into a single file.
Note that this is an individual project which means that your submission MUST be your own work. This assignment counts for
17.5% of the coursework marks that are available for this course.
2 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

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