Critiquing and Evaluating Qualitative Research

Week 4 discussion DQ1 Critiquing and Evaluating Qualitative Research
Many nurse scholars and students consider qualitative
research to be more difficult to critique/evaluate than quantitative research
From your assigned readings how does the appraisal of
qualitative research differ from the appraisal of quantitative research
studies? Is it more difficult to critique a qualitative article? Why or why
DQ2 Rigor in Qualitative Research
Some researchers feel qualitative research is not rigorous
and/or not controlled in regard to the data it produces. Therefore, it is sometimes not recognized by some researchers as being strong enough to support
a change in clinical practice.
What are your views on this matter? Is qualitative research
rigorous? How would you use qualitative research studies to support the need
for change and/or the intervention(s) within your own DNP Project? Overall is
qualitative research appropriate to use when making a change in practice? Why
or why not?
NR701 Application of Analytic Methods

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