Critique of a peer-reviewed research article

Case Assignment
Write a 5-8 page (not including cover or reference pages) critique of a peer-reviewed research article that you had chosen (NOT one of the
assigned articles) in Module 1 or in Module 2. The Submission must be double-spaced, 12-point font, and adhere to APA style. It must
include a cover page and a reference page and must be submitted as a Word document via the IC system.
A critique is a detailed analysis – not a recap or summary. This critique is to incorporate the topics we have covered in the course thus far.
You should assume that information from the course is well understood and instead just perform application and analysis. You
should not rehash TD discussions or course material and should not be citing course readings.
Number and Label the following headings and be sure to address each item thoroughly:
1. Introduction: Identify your article
2. Purpose: Briefly describe the purpose of the research study
3. Variables: Identify and explain the Independent and Dependent
Variable(s) used in the research study you have selected (Module 1). You must explicitly state, “The independent variable is…” and “the dependent variable is…”
4. Sample: identify and explain the strengths and limitations of the sample of participants used in this research study (Module
5. Validity: identify all the possible internal and external threats to validity from the research study you have identified (Module 4)
6. Comparison with the Literature: Compare and contrast the research findings from the research study you have identified
with at least two other research articles on the same or similar keyword(s).

The leading reason for a reduced grade on this assignment (or a request to resubmit a revision before grading) is not focusing on the
analysis of research and instead providing terminology definitions or recounts of course content. There should not be an explanation of
different types of variables (i.e., do NOT give definitions of independent and dependent variables), you should not write generally
about what research is, you should not write about why proper sampling is important, you should not write about what validity
means, etc.
If you received feedback on your TD posts that your article did not have appropriate variables, you may email me with a new article
choice, but it will need to be approved before you can switch. Please do not switch articles without approval or you will be asked to

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critique of a peer-reviewed research article

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