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Criminal justice system

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Statistics Tracking
Analysis of Community Corrections Effectiveness
Review the major community correctional programs available in the criminal justice system. Select two of these programs and review the research that pertains to recidivism reduction. Which one is more effective? Identify and describe potential areas for increasing the effectiveness of each, particularly the less effective of the two.
Your analysis should include:
Identification and description of the major community correctional programs.
A critical analysis of two of these community correctional programs.
A summary of the effectiveness of each selected program.
Identify the more effective program.
Examine any evidence supporting reasons why one program is more effective than another.
A detailed explanation of ways in which these programs could be improved.
Assignment Requirements
The assignment must be 5 pages in length.
At least three relevant scholarly sources should be cited and discussed.
The assignment should conform to APA style and format.

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