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Contemporary expression

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Various forms of social media, the “selfie” phenomenon
In this paper I will evaluate two artworks that share similar themes, and I will consider a contemporary expression of one of those themes. The first painting is by Judith Leyster and is titled Self Portrait. It was created in 1630 and depicts an image of Judith Leyster holding a
Fridas, painted in 1939 and depicts two versions of Frida, one in a classic Victorian-era style dress with an exposed heart holding surgical scissors dripping blood, the artery connects to another Frida in a commoner style dress holding a picture of her husband Diego. I am looking forward to analyzing these works of art and how they are similar to the current social media era. Even though these paintings were created in different eras during different circumstances, they relate to the current state of the world. In this social media age, people are obsessed with connecting to one another and constantly taking pictures of themselves, the “selfie”. In 1630 as well as 1939 and throughout time, humans have been obsessed with seeing themselves and most prevalent in the current era.
When Judith Leyster began painting her “Self Portrait”, she did so with mild humor and relevance. The painting was made sometime prior to her joining the Haarlem’s Painters’ Guild, a prestigious group of artists in the 17th century, where only 2 women had been accepted as masters, one being Judith Leyster. To understand this painting is to understand a time before photographs, a time when imitating life was similar in relevance to posting images on social media. Judith Leyster took a “snapshot” of her life in that moment, on that day. It is almost utter perfection, to indulge in that “awkward moment” with her. She almost cracks a smile with the unfinished painting upon an easel. She appears almost to be telling the imagined photographer

paintbrush, painting a merry violinist. The other painting is by Frida Kahlo, titled

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