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Consumer Decision Making

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Individual Interpretive Assignment 2
Consumer Decision Making & Journey Map
You will conduct a consumer interview to 1) explore the “lived” consumer experience and 2) examine a
consumer behavior phenomenon through a psychological lens. The in-depth interview should focus on
purchase decisions for any product/service. You will gather and analyze the key findings, apply
theoretical concepts, ascribe meaning to the purchase experience, and managerial insights if applicable.
Managerial insights may include how management reacts to customer feedback. After completing the
interview, you will create a consumer journey map for your interviewee’s purchase.
Select a consumer with whom to conduct the decision-making interview. Ask them about the following:
what they bought, when they made the purchase, others that may have participated in the purchase
decision with them, and their motivation for the purchase. Focus on their motivational factions,
influence of cognition, and social influences.
Examples of purchase contexts
• Purchase of a product or service under $100
• Purchase of a product or service over $100
• Impulse purchase of a product or service
• Unisex purchase of a product or service
• Conspicuous consumption (consumers who buy expensive items to display wealth and
income rather than to cover the real needs of the consumer)
The interview will likely take between 15-60 minutes. Your goal is to use the interview format to learn
everything you can about the consumer’s decision-making process that led to the actual purchase itself,
and any subsequent actions and thoughts. It is Page 2 of 3 important that this interview be treated
professionally. Your interview should be a thorough exploration of the consumer’s experience.
Please keep in mind the following:
• You should avoid overstepping the mark and leading them in directions that they would
otherwise not have gone to avoid providing answers that are not attributable to their
actual decision-making.
• Begin by asking the consumer to describe the product or service and then to recount, in
their own words, the “story” of their purchase from knowing nothing about the
purchase to the experiences of using it after the purchase has been made.
• Try to continually keep the consumer grounded in the actual experience of the
• Try to avoid leading them into generalizations and ambiguity. One way of doing this is to
explore questions like “How did it feel…” or “What was it like to…”
Ideally, you would like the consumer to simply discuss their purchase in a detailed manner while you
take notes. In reality, the interviewee will stop talking or say either something you do not understand orthat you think needs more elaboration. You need to elicit the information and understanding without
leading the consumer.
Create a Consumer Journey Map of the psychological process that describes the purchase event as told
by the consumer and interpreted by you.
Based on your interpretation of the decision-making event, explicitly identify and interpret the various
emotional influences in this particular consumer decision-making context.
Describe one way in which social media might undermine the interviewee’s decision-making process in
the future for the same or similar purchase
Your submission should include:
• Customer journey map with any supporting documentation
• Write-up of your interpretation of the consumer’s process based on the interview
• Write-up of whether or not social media played a role
Note: the total submission should be 2-3 single-spaced pages.
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