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M7.4 Short Paper: Consumer Behavior Article Review

Consumer Behavior – With CD
Edition: 13th / 2016
Author: Hawkins, Delbert

Provided are a few current articles that discusses marketing challenges, issues, or strategies related to a consumer product or service. The article should highlight how marketing is being used to respond to consumer behavior. These sources have been provided from the school library and should identify a current article (published within the last 5 years) that considers how consumers gather data and formulate decisions that ultimately guide their behavior.
Should one of the following articles: (articles are attached separately for your review)
Reference: PEREZ, M. (2019). Not a Toy Story. Forbes, 202(7), 94–98.

Reference: Lashinsky, A. (2019). Rewriting a Toy Story. Fortune, 180(6), 98–103.

Reference: Gao, W., Ji, L., Liu, Y., & Sun, Q. (2020). Branding Cultural Products in International Markets: A Study of Hollywood Movies in China. Journal of Marketing, 84(3), 86–105.

Then write a brief overview of the chosen article, then respond to the following items:
identify key marketing challenge(s) and relate them to specific consumer behavior issues discussed in this module;
describe consumer behaviors in this particular situation, and discuss other, related consumer behaviors that may also be present in real-world situations;
propose marketing recommendation(s) and strategies; and
list some pros and cons of your proposed strategies.
The written article review should be about 1-2 pages and follow APA formatting. The paper should highlight the article’s main points, summarize consumer behavior issues, and offer some further strategies.

This assignment will be graded using the rubric attached. Please review this rubric prior to beginning your work. Collectively, these assignments are worth 30% of your final course grade.
Also, when writing and submitting any assignment:
Ensure to have a title page,
Table of contents (if longer than 2 pages),
Headings and subheadings in APA format (APA leveled headings to divide your thoughts),
In-text citations as well as full references in APA format at the end of the assignment
AVOID – ALLL pedals (wiki, investopedia, etc.), Slideshare presentations, and blogs
AVOID using direct quotes – always better to paraphrase and then cite
ANALYZE  – add analysis in the THIRD PERSON – “WE” or “OUR” for all academic and professional writing – NOT – first person, “I”

Consumer Behavior Article Review


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