Compose a 1250 words assignment on psychology of personality. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on psychology of personality. Needs to be plagiarism free!
After explaining why the theory of Freud is more realistic as compared to the other theories on personality, the reasons why I find it difficult to relate to the story of Icarus will be tackled in detail.As a way of explaining the patterns behind human behavior, Freud came up with the theory on Super Ego, Ego, and Id. Basically, the Id is referring to the unconscious way wherein the human mind is controlling human behavior (Coon, 2006, p. 422. Erdelyi, 2006). Regardless of the consequences, babies are prone to doing actions that could give them pleasure.
For example, it is common for babies to cry each time they are hungry. By crying, babies are actually seeking attention that can satisfy their own personal needs. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that primary thinking or Id is mostly based on gut-feel or impulses (Coon, 2006, p. 422).According to Carducci (2009, p. 187), the ego is all about growing out of the Id. In most cases, the ego is a sign wherein a person is becoming conscious of the outside world (Erdelyi, 2006). As each person learns how to overcome a crisis, the person is able to strengthen the ego.
Freud also introduced the three levels of consciousness as conscious, pre-conscious, and unconscious (Laplanche & Pontalis, 2006, p. 326). It means that it is possible for a person to do actions that are outside their conscious mind. Because of the presence of the unconscious mind, a person may unconsciously perform actions that could serve as their defense against negative past experiences in life.Superego or the conscience is pertaining to the set of moral beliefs and values that we have acquired from the people who took care of us when we were still young (Coon, 2006, p. 422). Basically, it is the superego that serves as the basis for what we believe is right from wrong.
Just like the ego, the superego can also be a significant part of our subconscious mind.Freud also mentioned that people are able to free themselves from negative childhood experiences through either conscious or unconscious “repression” (Erdelyi, 2006). It means that people are capable to control what they should or should not remember in life. As a defense mechanism, people can undergo a “denial” stage, rationalization, intellectualization, projection, displacement, sublimation, undoing, isolation, conversion, identification, regression, or reaction formation (Erdelyi, 2006).

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