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Research Paper— Civilization Comparative Analysis

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In this research project, you’ll choose one civilization between the rise of complex societies and the age of exploration (4,000 BCE to approximately the 1400s) and one civilization from the early modern age (the late 1400s to the late 1700s). You’ll write an analysis of both civilizations’ expansion, achievements, and developments—specifically, those aspects that were impactful on the world as a whole.

Starter Resources:

 Source 1: Civilization Timeline o

 Source 2: Pre-Civilization to 1500 Database o Paper


1) Introduction—Specify the two civilizations you’ve chosen, and include the lengths of their rule or dominance and geographic locations. Your two-to-three-page research project should address the following three topics:

2) Expansion—How did the civilizations you’ve chosen expand their empire or influence? For example, what are some of the notable conquests or alliances that expanded their respective spheres of influence?

3) Technological Achievements—What notable technological achievements or inventions were these civilizations responsible for? What impacts did they have during their respective time periods?

4) Overall Importance—Overall, how important do you think your chosen civilizations were to the world, not only during the time of their dominance but beyond then? Think about the ripple effects of their advancements or military conquests.

Citing Your Sources During Research: Whenever you use information from researching the internet, books, or documentaries, you must cite (record) your sources. There are different, special formats that researchers use to document important things such as where the information came from, who wrote the original information, and when the information was written. This website contains information about how to make a reference page at the end of your paper that accurately records your sources. Most of your sources should be web pages, following this format for each source:

Example 1: Author, A. A. (2000). Title of work. Retrieved month day, year, from source. Example 2: Wendland, K. (1999). Navigating the Internet. Retrieved March 22, 2020, from NOTE: Sometimes you can’t find the author or the date that the page was created or last updated. In that case, at least provide a title, the date retrieved, and the URL. Alphabetize by the first word in your reference. You should include a reference page by itself at the end of your paper listing each resource. To achieve maximum credit, you should use three to four difference sources, including one of the two provided above.

Formatting: Your paper should have one-inch margins, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and be double spaced. Paper is almost entirely free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Sources are properly cited at the end of the paper. Three to four sources are used. Paper includes detailed information regarding the expansion, either military or peaceful, of the two civilizations selected. Paper includes detailed information regarding the selected civilizations’ technological achievements or inventions. Paper includes detailed information regarding the selected civilizations’ overall importance or effect on the world.

Civilization Comparative Analysis

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