Choosing a data analysis package for machine learning

Topic 1: Choosing a data analysis package for machine learning

Part of the project you are planning involves a large amount of data analysis including machine learning. You have to decide and justify the use of proprietary software or open source software to carry out the work. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each proprietary and open source software, summarising your answers in a table.

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Suggest 400 words.


Topic 2: Problem Solving Week 6 Tutorial

Project managers must be multi skilled and this includes the ability to solve problems. One methodology in TRIZ which has many different techniques.

Think a device called a freestyle libre. More information about the device link:

Some of the issues with the device are:

  • Slight lag between readings.
  • Device easily knocked off.

Imagine you have a problem of improving the diabetes sensor (or even the way that sugar levels can be detected). What sort of TRIZ techniques could you employ to improve or redesign the device? – Suggest 400 words

What is TRIZ and how to use it in your business? – YouTube\

TRIZ” is a Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch, pronounced trees)

Topic 3: Project Planning – Week 7 Tutorial

Office Products plc have developed a proposal for introducing a new computerized office system that will improve word processing and inter office communications for a particular company.

Contained in the proposal is a list of activities that must be accomplished in order to complete the new office system project.

Information about the activities is shown in the following table:

Make use of Microsoft Project to do the following: Microsoft Project – Full Tutorial for Beginners in 13 MINUTES! – YouTube

  • Show the network for the project
  • Calculate the earliest start and latest finish for each activity.
  • What are the critical activities and what is the expected project completion time?
  • Calculate the overall budgeted cost for the project.

If the company wished to complete the project within 26 weeks, what crashing decisions would you recommend for meeting the completion date at the least possible cost and what is the revised project cost to meet this 26 weeks schedule? Suggest 200 words plus output from MS Project

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