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Challenging and Reflecting

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Essay 1: Challenging and Reflecting on a Political Position. 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced, MLA format.
Essay 1 involves an examination of a position you hold on a specific issue. The paper should incorporate 4 parts:
1. What is the position you hold on a given issue? a. What do you believe now? b. Why do you believe what you do? c. What do you know about the issue? d. How does your current knowledge affect your stance?
2. What shaped your beliefs? a. Examine and describe the nature of forces that shaped your views on the topic. These could include family, friends, region, identity, media, religion, etc.
3. Examine 3-4 good sources on the issue. I would suggest using the Opposing Viewpoints database through the library’s collection of databases. a. One that shares your perspective. b. One or 2 neutral sources (statistics, studies, etc.) if applicable. c. One or 2 from a strong opposing point of view. d. Reflect on what you have read.
4. Reflection. Take some time to process the information, then conclude by discussing what you’ve learned by examining the information in step 3. Did the facts and discussions change your perspective, or at least challenge them If so, how If not, could you recognize the validity of the other side’s point 4 Cite all sources in the text and on a works cited page

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