3-4 pages

Please carefully read Einstein’s Four Letters to Roosevelt. Then, based on a careful and detailed analysis of these letters, please address the following questions.  Why did Einstein write to FDR? What were his specific concerns? What did he claim was happening in Germany that prompted him […]

Week 1 Discussion 5220 HUM

Argue for or against the following statement, using specific examples, similarities, or differences: Many leaders in the nonprofit sector state there are very few differences between how a nonprofit institution functions and is managed and how a for-profit institution functions and is managed. Reminder: Support […]

Correction of week three

Create a detailed, annotated outline (full sentences, complete thoughts) of your final project for review by your Instructor. Provide a summary of any challenges that you have encountered and successes in your journey to the midway completion of your Research Proposal Project. Your instructor will […]

Influence on development.

  Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  In the years of middle childhood, there is a wide developmental range that is considered typical for a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth. As an elementary-age teacher in today’s schools, it’s imperative to know […]

Culture in Groups

  Review the Learning Resources on leadership and diversity within the context of a group setting. Reflect on the influence of culture on the dynamics of a group, and how you as a group leader would demonstrate cultural competence and sensitivity.  

case study 1

  For the Week 7 Case Study, you will review the case below on Toyota and answer the questions that follow. Case Study: You may be familiar with the problems that have recently plagued Toyota. However, you may not know the whole story. First the facts. […]

Case study 2

  For theis week Case Study, you will review the following case study. Upon thorough review of the case study, you will answer the questions at the end of the case study. Creative Benefits Tie Employees to the Company Offering employee benefits can be a cost-effective […]

Skills building 3

250 words   Watch the “Sourcing Strategy at Starwood” video Starwood: Supply Chain Strategy from  Online Course Development on Vimeo. Review the “Sourcing Strategy at Starwood” video case on page 574. Respond with answers to the questions using your critical thinking and moral reasoning skills.  […]

Case Study 2-10K Analysis Nike 2022

  Please Find Attached 10k (Nike-2022)Please use the attached Nike recent 10k(Attached-Nike 2022-Use this only for answers) and Answer Attached MBA Case Study-2 Document(Attached File). Notes: Please use Reference Help Document because professor Looking the same formulas for calculations. Don’t calculate  by using own formulas. […]

Week 5 discussion response AA

 Post responses to two of your classmates. 2-3 sentences    Allison:   A partner liquidation occurs when a partner or more than one decides that the partnership is no longer has a future or purpose. This decision is usually made and trading and business is wound […]