Distinguish between alert data (including generation tools) and previously covered NSM monitoring (including collection tools).  Example of post:  ONLY AN EXAMPLE The difference between alert data and the data collected by NSM is that alert data is slightly more processed by the alert infrastructure and […]

Idea Paper

Instructions Concept/idea Paper. Submit an 3 page concept/idea paper IAW APA format on an approved topic (see pre-approved topics in the syllabus). Paper organization will include (use as headings): Introduction. Problem Statement. Relevance and Significance. References (at least five). 2. Pre-approved research topics: � Authentication/Digital […]

criminal justices

  In this journal entry, reflect on at least two things you learned or discovered through the Chapter’s readings. Reflect on how a particular topic in the chapter was interesting, challenging, boring, surprising to you and how you may apply a particular concept or theory you […]

write about one of the topics.

  Choose from ONE of the following topics and complete  Remember to follow the instructions and formatting described. 1)    Should the U.S. government have ordered the internment of Japanese Americans? Does the fear of espionage or sabotage justify depriving American citizens of their rights? OR […]

Need a 4 page summary from a video

Watch the program found at: https://www.heritage.org/gender/event/the-medical-harms-hormonal-and-surgical-interventions-gender-dysphoric-children Prepare a 4-5 page (of text )summary and response (be sure to include: a synopsis of the video, its relevance to this course, how pressure from groups can influence the importance of research, and your opinion).

homework help needed in 8 hours

  write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Consideration of workforce diversity is a part […]

Kolekcja kapsułek Kai x Gucci bilet do dzieciństwa

  Kolekcja kapsułek Kai x Gucci: bilet do dzieciństwa Po raz pierwszy w swojej historii Gucci połączył siły z gwiazdą K-popu, aby wypuścić kolekcję kapsułową: Kai x Gucci. Kai, chyba wszystkim nie jest to obce. Wólka kosowska-hurtownia obuwia, odzieży i bielizniy Kai jest członkiem kultowej grupy EXO […]


 Writing work 3—Connecting through Classical Argument Argument: What Is It? In its most basic form, an argument can be broken down into two components: • A claim (a statement that requires evidence) • Support (evidence that supports the claim) For this work, however, you will […]