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Module 4 case assignment

The Case Assignment for this course will be a 5-8-page essay (excluding title page and reference page). You should use a minimum
of 4 sources from the Touro library in your Case Assignment. The sources should be from the last five years and all should be peerreviewed journal articles. career counseling approaches
Writing Guidelines:
Make sure your paper has an introduction (with purpose statement) and conclusion (summarizing the main points in the body of your
Include title and references pages (not included in the total 5-8 page count).
Include separate subheadings for each of the questions listed below.
Proofread for spelling and grammar.
Double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point
Times New Roman.
Cite all texts used in the body of the paper.
Conduct research and address the following in your paper:

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Identify and compare three career counseling approaches.
What are the main differences between the three approaches?
Which approach do you think is suitable for today’s workplace environment?
Explain multiculturalism and the way it can be integrated into the classroom. Describe at least three classroom activities to
explore culture in the classroom.
Explain the way career assessments can be used to assist in the career development process. Also, discuss at least three
issues that should be address during the intake interview with
a career counselor.
Explain what are psychoeducational groups and the way they can assist with the career development process. Describe at
least two current topics for the psychoeducational groups that are related to issues experienced by students in the past year.

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