Cannon of the bible case study

Topic: Cannon of the bible
Type of paper: Essay (any type)
Discipline: Religion / Theology : Religion
Format or citation style: APA
Based upon the assigned reading and your own research, compose a Word document of about 500 words on the topic of the Christian canon and content of the Bible. Then cut and paste it, so as to make an initial posting on Blackboard. As you write this essay, try to answer questions such as these:
(a) What kind of writings does the Bible contain? When and in what languages did these texts originate?
(b) What does the term canon mean when applied to Biblical studies?
(c) What is the Old Testament? What is the New Testament?
(d) What are the main divisions (or sections) within each testament?
(e) How are the Jewish Scriptures and different from the Christian Bible? Do all Christian Bibles have exactly the same content?

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