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The length and the structure of a case study analysis can vary depending on the type and length of the case upon which it is based. Some cases are long and contain lots of information about the organization(s) in which they occur and others are brief, providing essentially a snapshot of a moment in time in the organization. brief case analysis report

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In this assignment, you will be analyzing 3 brief cases and writing a brief case analysis report for each. Each of the cases includes one character who is in some way identified as the leader either of a group, team, or company. You will write these reports from the point of view of an outside consultant who has been brought in to evaluate and develop the leadership skills of each of the leaders in their respective organizations. Your report will be read by the leadership committee of each organization. The stated goal of the leadership committees is to create an environment of inclusivity for all employees. Your report is one of many data points the leadership committees will consider in proposing changes.

Although the cases you will watch are brief and your reports will also be brief, you will still need to include the following sections for each report. Refer to Writing a Case Study Analysis (Links to an external site.) for a brief description of what each of these sections contains. To see what the conclusion and references section contains, you will need to consult the Annotated Case Study Report  Download Annotated Case Study Report:

Evaluation of the Case
Proposed Solution/Changes
Conclusion and References*
Refer to the Annotated Case Study Report  Download Annotated Case Study Reportfor more information on how to actually write each section.

Note: You do not need to include an Executive Summary.
You will be writing 3 separate reports. Each report will be evaluated independently.

Note: Each report counts as 100 points.

Cases for Analysis
Case 1

Emtrain. (2019, July 26). Example of unconscious racial bias in the workplace [Video]. YouTube.


Case 2

Emtrain. (2019, August 9). Example of gender bias in the workplace [Video]. YouTube.


Case 3

Emtrain. (2019, July 11). I’m on the outside here (Inclusion issues at work) [Video]. YouTube.



Estimated Time to Complete: 4-6 hours



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